Our Testimonails

David Swofford

My name is David Swofford and I would like to tell you about my weight loss journey at the Studio City Laser Lipo Center. I lost 13 pounds in less than a month; that’s about 2.5 pounds per week with absolutely no strenuous exercise, no sweaty, hour-long aerobics classes, or any heart pumping spin classes. The laser treatments are painless and non-invasive. There is no recovery time and the results are instantaneous. Dr. Linda Salvin is a kind and caring practitioner who is meticulous about taking body measurements both before and after the treatments.

I have tried other methods to lose weight before. A few years ago I joined a popular local gym. I would spend 45 minutes on the treadmill or the elliptical machine to burn 500 calories and then an hour or so doing the circuit of weight machines. It was fun at first, but after a few months it became tiresome and boring. I began making excuses for not going to the gym. It was either too noisy, too crowded, or I was too busy or tired to go. Eventually, I stopped going altogether. Sure, I lost some weight when I was going five times a week, but the few pounds I lost was quickly gained back because of the healthy appetite I developed lifting weights and hours of running on the treadmill. My ankles and knees were hurting because of the constant pounding on the treadmill and my elbows and joints ached from the repetitions required for the weight machines. I’d be so hungry after a workout, I’d eat more calories than I just burned at the gym. I wasn’t gaining any weight, but I wasn’t losing very much either.

I decided to try Dr. Salvin’s laser lipo treatments because it seemed like an easier and faster way to lose weight. I would lay down on a massage-type table, Dr. Salvin attached the laser belt around my waist and secure it with some Velcro straps. The belt holds ten laser paddles that were placed face down directly onto my skin. The Strawberry laser directs its energy directly into the fat cells that have accumulated in your body and shrinks them, while the contents of the cells are absorbed into the body’s lymphatic system, filtered by the kidneys, into the liver and eliminated from the body through urination.
One visit consists of two ten-minute laser treatments as you lay down on a comfortable table and then another ten minutes on this vibrating “shaker machine.” You stand on the platform as it vibrates, forcing your muscles to contract and allowing the contents of the now shrunken fat cells to shake loose. The results are immediate, and the post-treatment measurements show the progress you are making. I purchased the initial package of eight treatments and lost 13 pounds in less than a month, with a total of 9 inches lost overall from my chest, abdomen, and waist.

Of course, you have to cut out the pizza and ice cream and eat a healthy diet or you’ll just gain the weight right back. I stopped eating bread and dairy for the month and that seemed to help. I also took a brisk 15-minute walk around the block every evening to help things along, but I didn’t lift any weights, do any cardio, or calisthenics to lose the 13 pounds. I lost the weight lying down on a table, letting the lasers do all the work. I was very happy with the results. This really works.

I am amazed at how effective your treatments are, I owe you a huge debt of gratitude.

David Swofford, age 63

Suzanne Bank

I had the strawberry laser treatments and I’m very pleased with the results I received on my hips and arms. I highly recommend it to anyone, male or female, who wants to lose inches quickly and effortlessly. Actually, I found the process relaxing and enjoyable. Thank you Dr. Linda for bringing the Strawberry Laser to us.

Studio City, CA
Interior Decorator

Lee Harris, DDS

Want to loose inches around your belly without invasive procedures? Try Strawberry! Great results, no trauma, no lost time, and No Pain!

Thank you,
Lee Harris, DDS
Los Angeles, CA
Dental Consultant

Linda Makuta, DDS

Dear Doctor Linda Salvin,

Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with the Strawberry Laser. Before the laser treatment, I had a very lumpy belly that I call a “mommy belly.” I had lipo as a young, 20-something, and after having 2 kids my skin was crepy and lumpy looking around my belly. I had the sausage effect.

Now, not only have the lumps smoothed out, but also the crepy skin is smooth as well. As a bonus, I can tell my body is detoxifying better from any stored toxins in my adipose tissues that are now shrunk down and gone. I’m sure I am healthier now after Strawberry Laser. The best part is there is no pain just results!

Lastly, working with Dr. Linda makes the process fun and comfortable. She is easy to talk to, making me very relaxed and comforted while going through these amazing inch loss sessions.

With gratitude,
Linda Makuta, DDS

Jeff Chandler

My experience with Dr. Linda and the Strawberry treatment was nothing short of a miracle. In two short 8-sessions, I lost inches that were not only obvious in photos but also among my friends and family.

My experience with Dr. Linda was a life changer!

Jeff Chandler – TV producer