Strawberry Laser vs Cool Sculpt and other weight loss lasers

Strawberry Laser Lipo is FDA approved, is in 30 countries and originates in England. I lost 21 cumulative inches in one month and was convinced. There is no pain, invasion or downtime; each session is 20 minutes and, there are immediate results.

> Cool sculpt costs about $600 per session, can last up to an hour and 15 minutes per session and take a few months to see results. And, it hurts, both with freezing and releasing of the fat cell. SculpSure is $1500 per session and takes a minimum of 6 weeks to see results. Neither of these are B3 laser. Ultra Slim is LED, not cold red laser. LED laser is the light that warms and penetrates the skin to get to the adipocyte cell. I tried Ultra Slim at $450/session and only lost 5 inches. There were 8 32-minute sessions in the series. The body is rotated 4 times per session and the lamp is overhead. It was very disappointing. The laser beds you asked about are LED not cold red. The wands may be LED as well. As with anything, results will always vary per person and technique.

> Strawberry Laser Lipo is very different. The laser touches the skin, goes through the epidermis, dermisand hypodermis between 9-13 mm deep, targets the adipocyte which warms, opens, expels glycerol, fatty acids and water. There are probes applied to the body in various locations to connect to the lymph and move the fat to the kidneys which is then expelled out of the body. 8 20-minute sessions are required per package. As with LED laser treatments, a vibration plate is required to move the lymph and collect the cells for transport to the kidneys. Eventually, fat is metabolized in the liver.

> There are few competitors here in the Valley. I have articles and data to provide if you are interested in the research, statistics, double blind studies and the difference between LED (incoherent light) and Laser (coherent light) for doctors who like details. I have attached an amazing testimony from a 63 year old man who had great success with one series of 8 sessions. His story of diets, the gym, frustration, various techniques are typical of the majority of people I treat. Please read the testimony.​

> Patients need a 2 week break between packages to give the liver and kidneys a break. Results are immediate, the procedure is fast, painless, non-invasive and same day results. Please ask any questions you may have.